MinistrySafe works with clients in a wide variety of child-serving industries utilizing MinistrySafe tools and resources to better protect children. Become a MinistrySafe member today.

MinistrySafe provides the most sophisticated and comprehensive sexual abuse prevention training available in the field today, offering comprehensive risk management programs which incorporate current research on child sexual abuse prevention practices.

Wayne D. Duehn, Ph.D., ACSW, LMSW-AP
Professor of Social Work

As former law enforcement officers, we understand the risks associated with sexual abuse of children…. HOPE Farm implemented the 5-part safety system designed by MinistrySafe…. We are convinced that the environment at HOPE Farm is now safer for the youth, as well as the staff. We highly recommend that any church or entity that serves children put similar measures in place.

Gary Randle
Executive Director
Noble Crawford
Program Director

The services provided by MinistrySafe/Abuse Prevention Systems have helped Lena Pope Home further develop our risk management programs to protect children from abuse. They have also educated our staff as to the importance of our diligence as well as legal requirements related to their behavior with children and their responsibility to observe others with children.

Ted Blevins
Executive Director
Lena Pope Home

Christian ministries are becoming more acutely aware that churches have become a target for those who wish to harm our children—sexual predators.

Confronted with the need to do something, churches seem to lock on to one of two responses. One response is denial, while the other is to try and ‘bar the door’ against convicted sexual abusers. Neither response is reasonable or effective when you understand that more than 85% of sexual abusers are never caught or criminally prosecuted.

MinistrySafe provides a positive, proactive approach to the problem.

I highly recommend MinistrySafe to churches as a resource for ensuring that staff members and volunteers are effectively screened and trained to keep our children safe.

Thomas L. Law III
Tarrant Baptist Association

It is evident that we, as caregivers to children, need every available tool to assure the safest possible environment for children in ministry programs. MinistrySafe has supplied us with effective tools, provided training to our staff members, and cast the vision that each overseer has a responsibility to screen candidates who might seek to obtain a position in our church programs.

Ken Jackson
Children’s Pastor
Gateway Church