those who serve

MinistrySafe provides a complete Child Safety System
designed to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse.

Protecting children and those who serve them

MinistrySafe provides a Complete Child Safety System
designed to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse.

What is MinistrySafe?

MinistrySafe was founded by legal professionals and sexual abuse experts, Gregory Love and Kimberlee Norris. Through their litigation practice representing victims of child sexual abuse, they recognized a vital need to equip churches and ministry programs to better protect children from sexual abuse.  The risk is real, and it's preventable.  Prevention starts with awareness.

Why Choose MinistrySafe?

With over 60 years combined experience in sexual abuse litigation, consultation and crisis management, Love & Norris understand the risk of sexual abuse and how it unfolds in ministry programs. They recognized patterns in predatory behavior, known as the abuser’s grooming process, which is predictable and therefore preventable.  MinistrySafe's complete Child Safety System provides comprehensive sexual abuse prevention.

MinistrySafe Offers Solutions For Your Program Needs

Every program providing services to children or youth wants to provide a safe, inviting environment where learning and enrichment can occur. When an effective Safety System is put in place, staff members and volunteers can focus on their core purpose, knowing precautions have been taken to prevent abuse and protect children in their care.

Our extensive experience providing training and resources to child-serving organizations shapes our industry-specific Safety System elements.


All ministries abhor child sexual abuse.  Most claim to have ‘zero-tolerance’ for abuse, but there’s a difference between opposition to abuse in concept and having preventative, proactive initiatives in place to protect children.

MinistrySafe equips the church with state-of-the-art resources unique to church ministry programs.


Camp safety is only as strong as its weakest link. To address the risk of child sexual abuse, every camp should have a System of protection in place, as opposed to a single screening or training element.


Sadly, there’s no shortage of media reports about teachers and other school staff members getting arrested for sexually abusing one or more children. These disturbing reports alarm parents, students and all who are concerned about school safety. MinistrySafe provides schools with state-of-the-art tools and trainings, enabling schools to stay abreast of evolving state reporting, training and screening requirements.

Youth Sports

Young athletes are taught to trust the coach, an adult in a position of authority. The right coach can have an incredibly positive impact on a child’s life—teaching and modeling sportsmanship, competition and teamwork. The wrong coach can cause serious damage.

Unfortunately, a growing number of sexual predators are gaining access to children through youth sports.

Foster Care/Adoption

Foster care and adoption programs provide services to a particularly vulnerable group of children who we cannot allow to slip through the cracks. Children receiving services through foster or adoption programs are at higher risk for sexual abuse, and many have already experienced the devastating impact of abuse or neglect.  

MinistrySafe provides unique resources for foster care and adoption programs.

Child Services

​​Parents rely upon children’s programming to educate their children and enrich their lives. Regardless of the program chosen, parents want to know that their child will be safe with caregivers.

The reality is, the risk of sexual abuse is ensnaring children in rising numbers, and many adults entrusted with protecting children simply don’t have the facts about sexual abuse or sexual abusers.  MinistrySafe provides unique resources for children’s programs.

Daycare & Preschools

The risk of sexual abuse at school is real, and preschoolers are not immune. MinistrySafe provides preschools and daycares with state-of-the-art tools and trainings to stay abreast of evolving state reporting, training and screening requirements.

Insurance Professionals

The sexual abuse experts and attorneys at MinistrySafe have been training risk managers and insurance professionals for decades.

Agent/Underwriter Training provides comprehensive, four-hour training broken into three online Segments:

Segment 1: Understanding Sexual Abuse Risk

Segment 2: Identifying an Effective Safety System

Segment 3: Evaluating a Client’s Preparedness for Sexual Abuse Risk

Services We Provide

We offer comprehensive resources and training to protect children from sexual abuse in your ministry program.

The Complete Child Safety System

Our 5-Part Safety System is a comprehensive framework for sexual abuse prevention.

Live and Online Trainings

Bring high quality, high impact training to your team, wherever you are.

Background Checks

We take the mystery out of background checks and help you maximize results.

MinistrySafe Institute

Seminary-level training equipping ministry leaders and risk managers.

Tailored Policies & Procedures

Let us help you create and implement effective policies and procedures.

Risk Management Training

Comprehensive online training for insurance professionals and risk managers.

An Effective Child Safety System Requires All Five Parts


Sexual Abuse

Awareness Training





Policies &



Background Checks


Monitoring &


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