Sexual abuse and student safety are issues of increasing concern in schools, colleges and universities across the country. Many states have passed laws to mandate policies meant to prevent child sexual abuse.

As child sexual abuse continues to draw the public eye, concerned parents are asking:

  • “What is this school doing to protect my child?”

  • “What should schools be doing to address this risk?”

Why are children at risk at school?

School children are at risk of child sexual abuse like never before. In public or private schools, urban or rural, studies indicate that children are victimized at school—by teachers, coaches, volunteers and other children.

Sadly, there’s no shortage of media reports about teachers and other school staff members getting arrested for sexually abusing one or more children. These disturbing reports alarm parents, students and all who are concerned about school safety. 

Athletic activities and programs that involve overnight stays continue to challenge schools that are poorly equipped to protect children off school property or outside the classroom.  Why? Because teachers and staff members responsible for supervising children do not adequately understand barrier testing and the grooming process utilized by molesters.

What should schools do to prevent sexual abuse?

We provide schools with state-of-the-art tools and trainings created by attorneys who are sexual abuse experts, enabling schools to stay abreast of evolving state reporting, training and screening requirements.

MinistrySafe school resources include:

  • Sexual Abuse Awareness Training for teachers, volunteers and school employees
  • Training for screening personnel and sample forms for employee and volunteer applications, references and interviews, as part of the Skillful Screening Process
  • School Safety Policies and Procedures that dovetail with Sexual Abuse Awareness Training
  • Supplemental policies related to school athletics
  • Criminal Background Checks adapted by the client to fit the specific position
  • The MinistrySafe online Control Panel, giving school administrators the ability to easily monitor the 5-Part Safety System

"The MinistrySafe safety system has provided key elements ensuring the overall safety of the children who attend Covenant Classical School. Gregory Love and Kimberlee Norris care deeply about protecting children and organizations that serve children."

Bryce R. Danley
President, Board of Trustees
Covenant Classical School

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