Skillful Screening

Skillful Screening Training equips ministry supervisors and screening personnel to effectively screen for child sexual abuse risk during the applicant onboarding process.

The Skillful Screening Process educates your team

In ministry programs, we are responsible for the children in our care.

Screening employees and volunteers is key: how can we keep the Wolf out of the Sheep-Pen?  

Hiring and screening personnel must be trained to recognize red flags and high-risk indicators.

Skillful Screening is a deterrent to abusers

Silence and ignorance are the playground of the abuser. The Skillful Screening Process, combined with appropriate Criminal Background Checks, can encourage a sexual predator to ‘self-select out’ of employee or volunteer pools. These measures help prevent the abuser from having access to children through ministry programs.

Skillful Screening sample documents include:

  • Sample Employment Application
  • Sample Volunteer Application
  • Sample Teen Application
  • Sample Interview Forms—including follow-up questions for evasive or high-risk responses
  • Reference Forms—for use by email and telephone
  • More available upon request

The Skillful Screening Process is an important element of an effective Safety System.