Single User MinistrySafe Membership
Levels of Usage
Annual Cost $250
Sexual Abuse Awareness Training
Cost per Awareness Training $10 $5
Personalized email and training link
9 training segments (total time: 1 hour)
(single access)
Quiz testing knowledge of grooming and abuser behavior
 Certificate of Completion
Skillful Screening Process
Cost per Skillful Screening Training $100 $50
Skillful Screening educational documents
Employment and volunteer sample applications
Interview sample questions and instructions
Sample Reference forms
Keys for understanding high-risk responses
Training videos (total time: 3 hours 15 minutes)
Background Checks
Online Consent Form
Background checks suited to the position PRICE VARIES
Policies and Procedures
Program-specific sample policies
Camp policies
Child Services policies
Daycare center/Preschool policies
Youth Sports/Athletics policies
Children’s Ministry policies
Student Ministry policies
School Policies
Monitoring and Oversight
Access to Control Panel
Online editable screening forms
Online editable policy forms
Real-time safety element tracking
Document storage