Monitoring & Oversight

Monitoring and Oversight serves as an all-encompassing element of the 5-Part Safety System.  This training equips administrators to utilize the MinistrySafe Control Panel to monitor and track background checks, training and screening elements.

Often, an all-too-familiar scenario plays out when a ministry encounters child sexual abuse. Ministry leaders see risk, act to address the risk (whether effectively or not) and then move on to the next pressing issue. Interest or concern wanes, and with it the ministry’s zeal for ongoing protective measures.

Preventing child sexual abuse cannot be a momentary conviction. Monitoring and Oversight supports successful execution of Sexual Abuse Awareness Training, the Skillful Screening Process, Policies and Procedures and Background Checks.

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Periodic Review of Your Safety System

From a liability standpoint, the only scenario worse than NO protective measures in place is protective measures that aren’t followed. Periodically, ministry leaders should review Safety System elements, including Policies and Procedures, to ensure relevance. If policies are no longer relevant to the needs of the program, they should be updated. When new programs are added, policies must be modified to address  new risk in these programs.

The MinistrySafe Control Panel assists in Monitoring and Oversight

We provide an online Control Panel that tracks all elements of the 5-Part Safety System. The Control Panel allows an administrator to monitor and track Sexual Abuse Awareness Training, Skillful Screening Training, MinistrySafe Institute Trainings and Background Checks, and can be set up with multiple access points to ensure smooth transition when an administrator leaves the ministry.


We provide ministries with integrated tools supporting ongoing execution of the 5-Part Safety System.

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