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New Federal Law to Prevent Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports

Girl Practicing Gymnastics - Prevent Sexual Abuse

  A new law passed by Congress is aimed at preventing child sexual abuse. The Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act introduces new standards that all youth sport organizations must meet, including programs offered by local leagues, churches, schools, camps, and non-profits. The Act introduces three new requirements:1. Mandatory Reporting2. …

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New at MinistrySafe and Abuse Prevention Systems!

NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON! The MinistrySafe/Abuse Prevention Systems Team has been hard at work designing a new and improved online system to protect children and those who serve them. Everything from PAPERLESS screening tools, editable policies and procedures, training videos and advanced tools utilizing the Control Panel have been updated. Our goal is to help you …

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Pennsylvania Law Changes

PENNSYLVANIA LAW CHANGES New Requirements for Organizations Serving Children Gregory S. Love, Esq. Kimberlee D. Norris, Esq.  April 21, 2015 What are ‘clearances’? Who needs to get them, and how often? Who is a ‘mandatory reporter’ in Pennsylvania, and what does that mean? What is an ‘employment history review’ and what process is required [for …

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Expanding Abuse Reporting Requirements: Texas, South Carolina, Colorado and National Trends

Gregory S. Love, Esq. Kimberlee D. Norris, Esq. Date: January 1, 2015 ATTENTION COUNSELORS in university, ministry and camping contexts. Am I a mandatory reporter? If an adult describes having been abused as a child, am I required to report? When? How do expanding reporting requirements impact college and university counselors? How do reporting requirements …

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Criminal Background Checks: What You Should Know

No flawless criminal records search exists.  Why? To reduce the risk of sexual abuse, organizations rely on criminal background checks to assess the risk of a staff member or volunteer – and they should.  BUT, a criminal background check is not the stand-alone answer.  Below is some information about criminal background checks that organizations must have to understand the weaknesses of …

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Reducing the Risk of Sexual Abuse at Camp

In the last five years, several nationally reported sexual abuse allegations in camping context received significant press and attention. Concerned parents are asking camps: “What are you doing to protect MY child at THIS camp?” “What should camps be doing to address this risk?”   Why are children at risk at camp? Summer camp fills an important role in American culture, but …

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Third-Party Use of Facilities and Sexual Abuse Risk

Third-Party Use of Facilities and Sexual Abuse Risk:Observations for Camps, Conference Centers, Colleges and Churches Gregory S. Love, Esq.Kimberlee D. Norris, Esq. Any activity or locale where children are gathered engenders the risk of sexual abuse. Many of these gatherings take place in camps, conference centers, colleges and churches. All child-serving organizations should make reasonable …

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Sexual Abuse Fire Drill

Sexual Abuse ‘Fire Drill’: Put Preparation to the Test  Gregory S. Love, Esq. Kimberlee D. Norris, Esq.  In classrooms across the country, school administrators lead faculty and students through mock disasters (fires, shootings, bomb threats, tornados, etc.) to ensure the existence of sound safety plans, communicate expectations to all involved, and determine any necessary changes or …

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When in Doubt, Report Suspicions of Abuse: Lessons from Vinelife Church (Longmont, CO)

Youth Pastor arrested and Five church officials charged with failure to report. A recent situation in Longmont, Colorado touches on several important teaching points for church leadership: 1. Sexual Abusers have no visual profile; 2. Sexual Abuse Awareness Training is critical to protect our young people; 3. The ‘grooming process’ involves manipulation and deception, rather …

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Church Employees Arrested/Charged for Failure to Report Sexual Abuse

Five employees at Victory Christian Church in Tulsa, OK arrested for two-week delay in notifying authorities of sexual abuse allegations Article : Tulsa World Link to article Brief Facts Chris Denman and Israel Castillo, both members of Victory Christian Church  (VCC), were both recently hired as janitors in the same department.   In August, Castillo allegedly …

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