Sexual Abuse Awareness Training is key in equipping staff members and volunteers to better understand the risk of child sexual abuse. Guidestone is providing FREE access to the Sexual Abuse Awareness Training, the first step of the MinistrySafe 5-Part Safety System, to encourage, support, and equip you with information to protect children in your care.

The 5-Part Safety System provides overlapping layers of protection to protect children from sexual abuse.

Get Started

Click ‘SIGN UP’, then select the ‘MinistrySafe Membership’ option. Follow the instructions to designate a Safety System Administrator (SSA) and submit billing information. Enter coupon code GUIDESTONE2023 to receive $100 off the first year of annual membership.

Watch our 6-minute walkthrough for a helpful overview of the MinistrySafe Control Panel – used by Members to send and track online Trainings and background checks.

Next steps:

Offer applies to churches and ministries joining MinistrySafe membership after January 15, 2021.