Price Change

Effective June 1, 2024

Starting June 1st

We're introducing a price increase to continue to protect children and those who serve them.

* Contact Customer Support if this creates financial hardship.

* If your ministry is operating under a group arrangement this may not affect you.
Contact your Group Administrator to confirm.

The Trainings and resources offered by MinistrySafe have expanded significantly since 2016, when we last implemented a price change.


In 2024, MinistrySafe offers 9 variations of Sexual Abuse Awareness Training in 10 languages, and a dozen additional Trainings covering topics from Skillful Screening to Third-Party Facilities Use.


Over the past 8 years, Members have experienced a tremendous expansion of Control Panel functionality – including the modifications and improvements listed below.

Awareness Training

  • Updated to include 9 specialty segments
  • Dedicated Spanish translation
  • Customizable Training Playlists
  • Closed captioning in English and 10 other languages
  • Integration into 12 online management softwares
  • User-Pay Training options

New Trainings

  • Skillful Screening Training
  • Peer-to-Peer Sexual Abuse Training
  • Parent/Guardian Training
  • Sexual Harassment Training: Supervisors & Staff Members
  • Child Safety Workshop
  • Background Checks Training
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Reporting Child Sexual Abuse
  • MinistrySafe Institute
  • AB506 (California Law)
  • Third-Party Facilities Use
  • Agents and Underwriters Training
  • Sexual Abuse Awareness Training for Vulnerable Adult Programs

Control Panel Features


  • Training reminder emails with settings to change frequency and duration
  • Resend Training button
  • Customizable Training email templates
  • Automatic Training renewals
  • Streamlined Training Dashboard
  • Downloadable Training handouts
  • Extensive Training Library


  • Ability to add columns to the Manage Users Dashboard
  • Direct Sign-Up Link allowing Trainees to enter contact information into the database
  • Duplicate User protection
  • Expanded tracking of actions within the Control Panel
  • Tracking the history of User notes


  • Customizable Background Check email templates
  • Background Check reminder emails: changing frequency and duration
  • Automatic Background Check renewals
  • User-Pay Background Checks
  • External Background Check tracking
  • Additional Background Check services: employment verifications, credit checks and references


  • User Dashboard allowing Trainees to complete all assigned Trainings and Background Checks
  • Email template: sending Trainees to the User Dashboard


  • Customizable Tag viewing
  • Expansion of viewing and editing settings for Supervisors
  • Administrator-Only Tags
  • Tag Categories


  • Significant expansion of Document Library
  • Snapshot/Archive of Control Panel
  • Expansion of services to Canada and Mexico
  • Expansion of reporting capabilities


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  • Extensive custom API facilitating orders of Training and Background Checks
  • Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) compliant tool

44+ Employees


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