MinistrySafe works with clients in a wide variety of child-serving industries utilizing MinistrySafe tools and resources to better protect children. See what they have to say.

Helpful Articles

Gregory Love and Kimberlee Norris are frequently asked to create content for national and regional publications to inform readers about the impact and prevention of child sexual abuse. MinistrySafe‘s library contains a selection of these publications, alongside articles from other experts. Access the library.

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MinistrySafe provides members with useful resources to help prevent child sexual abuse. These helpful links supply sexual abuse statistics, reporting requirements and more.


Just as ministries must carefully choose their providers, we are meticulous in our selection of ministry partners and those we choose to endorse. See who our partners are and learn more about their organizations.

MinistrySafe Blog

Stay updated on the latest in preventing child sexual abuse and legal requirements for organizations that serve children at the MinistrySafe blog.


All elements of the 5-Part Safety System are available as online video training. Hear from our founders how the elements of the Safety System overlap to protect children and those who serve them.