The 5-Part Safety System provides overlapping layers of protection
to protect children from sexual abuse.

SBCV — Stepping Up

The SBCV is willing to invest in the protection of your children and programs.  The cost of the MinistrySafe system is $250 per year.  For the first year, SBCV is willing to pick up a portion of that cost.  By using the coupon code SBCV2021 at the time of signup, the annual fee will only be $150 (the SBCV will pick up the additional $100 for the first year).

How to Get Started

Sign Up

Click ‘Sign Up’, then select the ‘MinistrySafe Membership’ option, using the coupon code SBCV2021. Follow the instructions to designate a Safety System Administrator (SSA) and create ‘tags’ for ease of organizing, filtering, and sorting.

Log In and Add Users

Now you are ready to import trainees. You may enter trainees individually or have a MinistrySafe staff member import trainees in batches. The initial batch import will allow you to apply tags and automatically send training links to your staff members and volunteers. To add additional trainees, simply log in and click ‘Manage Users’ on the left hand menu. Click the green ‘Add User’ button and enter the appropriate information for each trainee.

*Contact the MinistrySafe office to request batch imports.

Send Training

Click ‘Online Training’, then ‘Send Training’ on the left-hand menu. From this screen, you may send training links by checking the box of those you wish to train, then selecting ‘Submit’. Choose the training you want to send and click ‘Send’. Trainees will receive an email with a personalized link to view the training and complete a short quiz.

Contact a MinistrySafe staff member to learn more about the features and functionality of this powerful online resource.


*Though Gregory Love and Kimberlee Norris are both attorneys, the information and training provided by MinistrySafe is not intended as legal advice and should not be relied upon as legal counsel.