Preventing Sexual Abuse — What do I need to KNOW

MinistrySafe’s CHURCH SAFETY WORKSHOP is now available online.

Learn about the risk and how to develop an effective 5-Part Safety System.

The SCBI is willing to invest in the protection of your children and programs. The cost of the MinistrySafe system is $250 per year.

For those ministries not yet using the MinistrySafe system, SCBI is willing to pick up $200 of your first year’s annual fee.

By using the coupon code Indiana2020 at the time of signup, your first year’s annual fee will only be $50.


Facts vs. Misconceptions: Part 1

Facts vs. Misconceptions: Part 2

The Grooming Process: Part 1

The Grooming Process: Part 2

The WHAT: An Effective Safety System

The HOW: Implementing Specific Elements


The MinistrySafe 5-Part Safety System

Preventing Sexual Abuse — What do I need to DO

MinistrySafe provides a broad range of online resources to help you implement an effective Safety System.

Welcome to the online Church Safety Workshop!
The Workshop will refer to an online Sexual Abuse Awareness Training.
I understand that this online Workshop is not an Awareness Training for which a Certificate of Completion is generated.

Though the presenter is a sexual abuse lawyer, this presentation does not constitute legal advice or the creation of an Attorney Client relationship.

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