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Abuse Prevention in Education Environments

In educational contexts, school leaders must understand how to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse. In this Training aimed at education professionals, MinistrySafe Co-founder Gregory Love addresses sexual abuse risk arising in school contexts, equipping school leaders to better navigate this thorny but inevitable issue.  

Are you ready to prevent sexual abuse at your school?

Is Sexual Abuse Really That Big of a Problem?

1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 6 boys will experience sexual abuse before the age of 18

  • Protective barriers in organizations can be critically low, creating a target for predators

  • Ongoing failure to address this issue results in increased risk to children and students in programs

The average convicted offender may have between 50-150 victims

  • Less than 10% of sexual abusers will EVER encounter the criminal justice system

  • There is NO visual profile for molesters

  • Most molesters appear helpful, trustworthy and responsible

The average abuser molests his first victim by age 13 or 14

  • 90% of victims are abused by someone they
    know and trust

  • Abusers come from all segments of society and many are married, educated and have families

The average age of criminal prosecution for the convicted abuser is 35 years of age

  • Sexual abusers groom children and gatekeepers prior to sexual behavior

  • Staff Members and Volunteers are gatekeepers and MUST understand and recognize the abuser's 'grooming process'

These statistics apply to YOUR organization.  



MinistrySafe provides a complete
Child Safety System designed to
reduce the risk of sexual abuse.


MinistrySafe provides a complete Child Safety System designed to reduce the risk of sexual abuse.

How safe is your ministry? Find out by completing an online Safety Assessment.

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