Training Description

Sexual Abuse Awareness Training

Training Description

Sexual Abuse Awareness Training

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Sexual Abuse Awareness Training

The single most important step a ministry can take to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse is to train their staff and volunteers to understand the problem. When staff members and volunteers are equipped with ‘eyes to see’ the grooming process of an abuser and key indicators of child sexual abuse, they can better recognize and prevent abuse.

There are six versions of this Training, five of which include additional sessions providing program-specific grooming information.

The Youth Sport version includes optional content used by youth sport Organizations to address forms of Athlete Maltreatment (physical abuse, bullying, hazing and more).

All six versions include multilingual closed captions in the following languages:
English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese and Thai.

Member Pricing

$5 per Trainee

MinistrySafe Members are able to send Trainings and monitor completion using our online Control Panel.


Single User Pricing


Individuals may order a single Training, without use of the Control Panel.

If you are purchasing Training for multiple organizations or locations,
training over 500 individuals, please contact us for group pricing.

Total Runtime
1hr 3 mins


Downloadable Resource
Course Materials

Volunteers and Staff Members - anyone who wears your nametag